Inmarsat launches global Passport Programme for 14-17 year olds

Inmarsat is inviting the next generation of young talent to take part in a global, online learning programme to open up a whole world of career possibilities and opportunities to them.

The global Passport Programme is aimed at 14-17 year olds and has been developed to help young people develop skills, build aspirations and gain confidence.

It’s important to us that a young person’s start in life does not limit their future which is why our online learning platform is open to all students across the world. Content can be accessed in a safe environment, at any time of the day and is completely free of charge.

Core modules

The programme is split into three modules:

  • Business skills: The first section is aimed at helping pupils to develop skills invaluable in adult life and the workplace, and includes topics such communication, managing time and knowing their learning style
  • Careers and employability: This section will provide insight into a range of different careers and help pupils to write a great CV, develop interview skills and build an online profile
    Inmarsat knowledge: The final section will help develop students’ understanding of Inmarsat and the telecommunications industry, and how satellites are helping to improve lives around the world every day.

Every student that signs up to the Passport Programme is offered two months free, unlimited access to the portal. Students who successfully complete the programme will have exclusive access to a limited number of work experience places (currently virtual) at Inmarsat.

To apply to join our Passport Programme please complete the registration form here.

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